Dedicated Cards

A special thank you to the hospitals and organizations showing us compassion in action. These cards are for you! Know an organization who we should dedicate a card to? Be sure to tell us.

Halton Healthcare

What comes to mind when we think of Halton Healthcare? Compassion!
Their hospital feels like a friendly and relaxed community space, allowing your heart to feel open and at ease (seems almost oxymoronic, doesn’t it?). Their senior physicians mentor junior physicians with patient well-being at the core. Their staff and physician wellness team at KAILO go the extra mile to make sure the Halton family is looked after and cared for (Regular tea and snack breaks that visit each department on carts? We’ll take it!). The halls of Halton are filled with compassion, and Words By Amrita is honored to partner with Halton Healthcare to share inspiration and positivity with an incredible team of healthcare workers.

Thank you to our friends and heroes at Halton Healthcare in Ontario, Canada. This card is dedicated to you.


A small family clinic full of big hearts. It’s no surprise their waiting room is always full. The sunny disposition of Mrs. Shih immediately brings a smile to your face. The humor and down-to-earth demeanor of Dr. Shih makes going to the doctor–dare we say–enjoyable. Their team of physicians and nurses clearly follow the adage, “patients first,” and demonstrates a spirit of compassion we respect and appreciate. Thank you Markland Wood Medical for sharing our messages of positivity with your patients and community! Together, we can bring our communities happiness, health, and hope.

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