Everyday, we’re faced with unexpected challenges. But the stars still shine within the darkest nights. We’ll pull through this together. Humanity has survived countless hardships before, and we’ll do it again. If you feel down and need a friend, come visit us. We hope you will find something here that can support you.
We also want to celebrate and thank our frontline workers and leaders for their tireless efforts. And we want to celebrate you for making it through each day!

My Faith

A sincere and kind heart

to care for others –

This is my faith

Love & Bravery

Nothing can break us when we have love and bravery.

We can face all odds! 



In the bitter cold,

In the solitary light,

From me to you, thank you.

Build A Road

Find strength within.

In a dead end, look within.

You’ll build a road.

Warm Hearts Heal The World

You can care and show that you care.
In our broken world, if each person does their part, this world will soon heal.

This card is dedicated to our friends and heroes at Halton Healthcare in Ontario, Canada.
Your hearts radiated warmth, resilience and strength.
Thank you for keeping us safe and taking care of us.

We All Bring Joy

Like flowers, we are beautiful in our unique way.

Share your beauty with the world! It’s a better place with you in it.

Kindness is Near

Right now, struggles may seem far and wide, but don’t forget that love is also spreading all around!

Countless people put their own interests aside, and reach out to help the ones in need.

Please do not fear,
Because kindness is near.

Every Wish Echoes

Make a wish. 

It won’t just stay within our hearts; it will resonates throughout the world.

When we make the same wish—and these wishes come together—anything is possible.

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