Everyday, we’re faced with unexpected challenges. But the stars still shine within the darkest nights. We’ll pull through this together. Humanity has survived countless hardships before, and we’ll do it again. If you feel down and need a friend, come visit us. We hope you will find something here that can support you.
We also want to celebrate and thank our frontline workers and leaders for their tireless efforts. And we want to celebrate you for making it through each day!

For All Who Made It Happen

Nothing comes from thin air. Looking within everything I have now, I can trace back the hard work of countless people. The farmer who grew these veggies, the people who packaged and delivered it, those who shelved it. Thank you to all who made today possible!

Our Act of Love

Staying home is my act of love for you.

When we all show a little act of love, the universe responds in amazing ways. 

Let’s beat COVID!


Path of The Brave

You serve others everyday, Not for the recognition,

But because you are true to your oath of service.

Thank you for not giving up!


Darkest Nights

Focus on the little miracles, the small joys in each day. Let them nourish your faith, love, and courage.

With strength—together—we’ll make it through the darkest night. Dawn is just ahead.

Learn To Be Strong

We have unlimited resilience within us.

We can transform stress into motivation, and weakness into strength.

Focus on this current step. We will learn to be strong.


You are Precious

Perhaps we don’t know each other, but does it really matter? I want to send you love and warmth. Somehow, we’re still connected, and you are still precious to me.

Give Thanks

Don’t wait for happiness. 

Don’t wait for others to bring you happiness. Don’t wait for money to bring you happiness. 

You deserve to be happy right now! 

Why not give it a try?

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