What Can You See

The view out the same window can be very different:

Below, we find sodden grounds.

Above, we notice the beautiful sky.

What will you choose to see?

We’ll Find Stars

Struggles are like dark clouds, thick and heavy with no way out. 

But change is the only constant in life. This struggle is temporary. 

We have the strength to soar through it. When we do, we’ll see the brightest stars.

Change Starts Here

A tiny 1% change can have a dramatic effect.

The opportunity for improvement is always there—exactly where you’re at right now!

Every Wish Echoes

Make a wish. 

It won’t just stay within our hearts; it will resonates throughout the world.

When we make the same wish—and these wishes come together—anything is possible.

Where to Find Hope?

Feeling hopeless and alone with negative emotions weighing you down? Find hope.

Where? Actually, from your own kind thoughts.

Don’t let the world tie you down. Your thoughts are free.

A Small Kind Thought

Once, a girl questioned the value of her life. A kitty then ran to her and licked her face.
She found the will to keep going.

A kind thought, no matter how small, can make a big difference!

You are Precious

Perhaps we don’t know each other, but does it really matter? I want to send you love and warmth. Somehow, we’re still connected, and you are still precious to me.

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